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Leadership is both an art and a science. It's part head and it's part heart.


The Theology of Leadership empowers you to walk through the principles of developing the leader's head / foundational theology and core beliefs regarding ministry.


In Theology of Leadership, we talk about the principles of apostolic leadership.


You’ll learn—


⭐️ The attitude of leadership = and how apostolic leaders lead from below rather than standing over.


⭐️ The true source of authority = it comes from submission, as you learn from others and then have the capacity to transform their ceiling into your floor.


⭐️ The spiritual gifts = and how structuring what we do around the gifts God places in us and in the people we walk with empowers us to “out-perform” what we can do in our own strength, effectively enabling us to serve at the capacity of Heaven.


⭐️ Apostolic teams = and how we weren’t designed to carry the load alone, demonstrated when Jesus gave the church the 5-fold model of leadership





5.5” x 8.5” — 68 pages

The Theology of Leadership (2 of 2)

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