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Learn to walk in the presence + empowerment of the Holy Spirit!  


⭐️ 7 lessons I learned from my spiritual father and mentor, Benny Hinn. While serving with him for over a decade, he taught me much of what he knows.


⭐️ How I learned to personally apply each of these lessons. The best lessons aren't only "taught," they're "caught." Then we must walk them out on our own. I'll show you how I did it.


⭐️ Steps to take action and implement them in your own life. Here's a hint: even though we saw them on the big stage with Pastor Benny, most of them work even better in the marketplace, in your own, and where you do everyday life. 


BULK BUY: QTY 25 PAPERBACK ($16 each) = $400

BULK BUY: QTY 25 HARDBACK ($21 each) = $525

BOX OF 25 | Led By The Spirit: What Benny Hinn Taught Me About Empowered Li

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