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Forgiveness. We all struggle with it— at some point.


In fact, forgiveness is the one thing the disciples asked Jesus to increase their faith to be able to do (Luke 17:5)!


Using her personal story, Bev takes us on a journey of understanding the secrets of learning to forgive well— and the living out what we’ve determined to do…


I Could Not Call Him Father presents the story of a daughter who was bound by years of hurt and disappointment. This led to unforgiveness toward her father because of his years of violence, alcohol abuse, persecution and even murder. But the miracle of God's glorious and unconditional love transcended the bitterness and unforgiveness, and brought healing. Because of that healing, this daughter can say the words "I love you, Daddy" from a heart overflowing with love.


This is a love story— not just of Bev and Kent, but of the Savior who rescued Bev from unforgiveness and turned her family toward God. This is a book of hope and healing. I know Bev's desire in telling her story is that others will know God's love and share in His redemptive plan.





5.5” x 8.5” — 192 pages

Freedom from Unforgiveness

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