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Freedom from Failure is a paradigm-shifting look at living successfully based on Kingdom principles while living in the world system.


Let’s face it; everyone wants to be a success. However, there is a difference between success and good success. Good success is the kind of success that comes from God and is significant. Contrary to popular belief, God wants His people to be successful.


Religious traditions have convinced many believers that God does not want us to succeed. When you really think about that as theology or even theory, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. When we fail or do not become successful at what God has called us to do, He receives no honor from our failures.


There is no celebration in failed marriages, lack of education, not paying our bills, or being sick. God can take all of those circumstances and turn them around for our good but it is not and has never been, His plan for us to live defeated lives.


Jesus came, in His own words, to offer us a life of abundance. In this book, you’ll learn what that looks like and, more importantly, how to walk into that promise.






5.5” x 8.5” — 222 pages

Freedom from Failure

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