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I take the values of the Kingdom with me everywhere I go. The church isn’t a place; the church is a people. We don’t “go to” church, we “go as” the church.


That’s the main idea behind the concept of empowerment, the third step on the Transformation path.


In this book you’ll discover that we simultaneously live as citizen of two homelands. Moreover, our citizenship in one isn’t at odds with the other— as Christians often believe.


We’re here to bless the world. Our greatest value comes in “being different” rather than fitting in.


Scripture outlines specific ways to walk in empowerment as we “live differently.” So, as you read along, we’ll provide you with practical action steps you can take to express your faith in the real world.





5.5” x 8.5” — 66 pages

Empowerment (3 of 4)

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