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The church exists wherever the people of God go. As such, we take the message of the Kingdom with us. Our assignment is to bless the people we encounter, leaning deeper into the divine connections.


As you explore this short book, you’ll learn how to connect with the people God wants to use you to reach. You’ll discover how to serve as a connector to the Kingdom of God, a conduit of grace and mercy. Furthermore, you’ll know what your “assignment” is, as well as what it’s not.


You’ll notice the difference in how Jesus approached people with the Good News, as opposed to how we often do (chapter 3). Furthermore, using the 4-step model Jesus outlined for the disciples, you’ll acquire a new, easier way to engage the world around you (chapter 5).





5.5” x 8.5” — 74 pages

Assignment (4 of 4)

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