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Alignment is the second step on the Transformation Path. Here, we learn to leverage our two more valuable resources, time and money (which happen to be the only two things in life we can actually control), with God's Kingdom purposes. This sets the stage for us to experience His presence and power in every area of life.


When God brought the Children of Israel out of slavery, the first thing He told them was this would be “the beginning of months.” That is, they would have an actual calendar— and start walking in time (see Exodus 12:2).


Before this, they had no control over their time. They did whatever they were told when they were told.


They had no control over their money, either. In fact, the Hebrew slaves eventually had to acquire the mud and straw (the raw materials) required to make the bricks to benefit someone else (see Exodus 5:7,11).


The first concept of freedom, then, was having control over their own time and money.


The same proves true of us. Once we understand our new identity (as we explored in book 1), we each must learn to practically—


  • Manage our calendar
  • Manage our possessions

Soon, we discover that although there’s never enough time and money to do everything that could be done, but there’s always more than enough time and money to do what should be done.


We tap into this reality by prioritizing the Kingdom of God… through the practice of alignment.




5.5” x 8.5” — 96 pages

Alignment (2 of 4)

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